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Introducing our first product Streamcare. An innovative night-time monitoring system tailored for care homes to promote safer, better sleep for residents. Whilst supporting staff with real-time data through mobile dashboard.

Supporting Staff

Streamcare provides real-time information to helps carers personalize, optimize and time their care

Improving Sleep

Streamcare aims to minimize night disturbances at night by helping carers monitor residents remotely

Care Home Efficiency

As staff is supported over night, care homes are able provide better care and become more efficient


Carers can see key information concerning residents night time activity without having to be in their room


If the Streamcare system detects anything irregular, it will notify the carers promptly

Accessible Data

Information about the residents night-time activity and sleep can be accessed by carers whenever it is needed.

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Meet our passionate team.

Meet our team

  • EL-Tayeb (Ty) Hassan


  • James Lynn


  • Kiran Prinjha

    Technology Developer

Streamcare was one of the finalists of the Care Innovation Challenge and was invited to pitch in the department of Health and Social Care.

Watch the video below to know more about it.

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Streamcare Pilot

Streamcare was launched via a paid pilot In May and is ongoing. We are currently looking for more pilot partners, if you feel we can add value to your home, get in touch via

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Read our story and how Streamcare came to life

How it all came about

The Wiggly Line Company’s co-Founders are University of Surrey graduates who attended a Care National Hackathon, tackling challenges within in Social Care. The team was chosen as Finalists after successfully pitching at the Department of Health and Social Care. Ever since, the team has been committed to using technology and data to improve lives on a daily basis.

The winning idea in that challenge was Streamcare, a product that aims to transform the night time practices in care that compromise the residents quality of sleep and overall life. An affordable solution that promotes safer, better sleep for residents and supports staff with real-time data and alerts.